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Conscious Generation Connection

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Collective knowledge has the power to improve things, bringing that knowledge to the mass market will lead to change

                                                    Conscious Generation Collection

The Conscious Generation Connection promotes the change towards a new mindset, one that represents people who want “considered creativity” with a reflective approach through our design concepts, sourcing and the manufacturing of all our fashion garments. Originating from a worthy system that allows us to maximize the benefits to people, their communities and the planet whilst minimizing the impact on our environment.

Sustainable Fashion Workshops

We design and deliver short courses / workshops based around fashion sustainability for corporate companies, educational institutions and community projects. We encourage ideas and knowledge to be shared, instilling self-reliance, which enables participants to go forward with this new approach and awareness towards the fashion process.

Our desire to work within a fashion context comes from our intent to promote the recycling of fashion products. Through this, we deliver bespoke fashion workshops that encourage and empower people to create garments for themselves by re-thinking the infinite number of possibilities that can be produced using existing garments or perused fabrics.

Deborah Smailes, Creative Director


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