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Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Aeroplane is a design studio formed by Frosyni Bairaktari and Gareth Higham. After gaining a decade of industry experience, we decided to set up base at AWOL in 2015, a hub of all things creative and a unique place to work. When we’re not in the studio, you’ll find us on research trips, exhibitions or enjoying the outdoors.


Brand development and consultancy
Web design and digital marketing
Graphic Design


Contact us:
0161 3540 940

Charlotte Mann

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Studio 210 – Charlotte Mann

Charlotte Mann is a British artist based in Manchester, known for her esoteric music related portraiture and wildlife inspired paintings. Her work generally consists of large-scale pieces working with acrylic on canvas and thrives within both private and public collections.

Charlotte, a self-taught, instinctive artist, originally worked within the field of wildlife conservation, but has recently reaffirmed her love for painting and creating evocative pieces, which have been associated with exhibitions at Liverpool’s Foundation for Art and Creative Technology and London’s Tate Modern.

Charlotte’s work has also since been showcased in publications such as the book Beyond Recovery, in addition to a series of designs for various clients related to the music industry, as well as paintings spotlighting the journey toward spiritual development and personal well-being. When time allows, she takes on commissioned work, and will soon be offering prints of some of her favourite pieces.


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