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Nathan Aiyna Sassen

Nathan Aiyna Sassen is a contemporary artist who makes Fine Street Art. He is an Internationally renowned innovator in the street art movement. Talented from a young age, since aged thirteen he has completed numerous private and public commissions nationally and internationally. Nathan studied graphic visual art and later worked for many years with the respected Spearfish company, Manchester, where he began to explore in depth classical themes such as landscape and architecture through the medium of aerosol paint.

“I aim to explore the full technical possibilities within Art. I’ve been described as a Polymathic Artist working in many different mediums and styles, comfortable in street art, portraiture, landscape, abstract or more sculptural pieces.”

Recently Nathan has exhibited in Ohio USA as part of a touring exhibition exploring the themes of STIGMA around substance abuse and Mental health.
Nathan is currently interested in the study of material techniques,(chiarusco) composition and underlying structures he perceives within the paintings of great masters such as Giotto, Rubens, DaVinci, Canaletto who were employed through the Medici family and the Papal system. Sassen suspects that through this personal research, he is revealing / unraveling mysteries of the historical art past.

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