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Stefanie Trow

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

Stefanie Trow was born in South Yorkshire in 1982. She pursued her talent and love for art from an early age, encouraged by both parents, aspiring artists themselves. After graduating in Visual Arts in 2004, Stefanie spent a year travelling around the world, something she repeated more recently with her young family for 3 months whilst on maternity leave. Being immersed in different cultures and meeting all walks of life has undoubtedly influenced her art and ideas. 

Stefanie’s practice centre’s on the human gaze, inviting a relationship between the viewer and the viewed, questioning the act of seeing and being seen. She creates environments that hold the viewer’s attention; slowing down the process of looking to contrast with the sometimes-frantic pace of everyday life.

Her work stems from an assortment of images, both found and taken from life, predominately focusing on the figure. These images are carefully selected and cropped at crucial points, often obstructing or restricting the gaze, making us consider what can’t be seen or what exists outside the framework of the canvas.

Layering and removing of the paint plays a pivotal role in the creation of her work. In this way, each piece has its own history. Using a variety of tools and techniques, combined with painstakingly selected colour palettes, Stefanie creates work that is bold and vibrant in both colour and composition.

Stefanie and her work have featured in Musicians Baaba Maal’s music video “Gilli Men”. She now exhibits in Manchester and London, with her work collected globally.





Alice Copley

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Alice is a Fine artist originally from Nottinghamshire. She studied fine art at Birmingham City University where she explored her interest in nature linking it to her work with acrylics. She likes using mixed media’s and is continuing her explorations in pushing the properties of acrylic paint in more 3D ways. She currently works as an artist with children from the ages of 0-5 and is inspired by their creativity and work everyday.


Instagram: Alice_r_c

Kally Bosh

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Kally Boshnakova is a young realist fine artist. Her work is an exploration of the people she meets and the world around her. Seeing realism as the best expression of truth, her practice is rooted in classical ideas and knowledge. The basis of her technical skills stems from the study of the Old Masters and artistic anatomy. Very much at the start of her career, you can follow her artistic journey on her website and social channels.



Facebook: Kally Bosh Art

Instagram: @kally.bosh

Ian Morris

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Ian Morris is an Illustrator based in Manchester. His sophisticated use of line, brings charm and life to his work. He is often never without a pen and paper, ready to express his endless imagination of engaging characters who all have stories to tell. Ian also has a great admiration for printing methods working with screen printing and etching techniques. Ian has worked with clients such as the Class of ’92, The Manchester Science Festival and the Lake’s International Comic Arts Festival. Ian has also recently been selected by the Association of Illustrators for the Top 15 Illustration Graduates 2017, which will feature in Varoom Magazine Issue 36.


Contact Email:

Georgia Noble

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Georgia Noble is an internationally selling Fine Artist living and working in Manchester. She attended The Manchester School of Art and graduated in 2015, specialising in oil painting.

Since graduating, she has shown work in The Curwen Gallery’s ‘Northern Graduates’ exhibition in London and was selected by Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory at Saatchi Art to appear in their 2016 ‘Invest In Art’ initiative.

In Georgia’s practice she aims to transcend the conventions of traditional landscape painting in order to present the viewer with a sense of space that, through both expressive mark making and the thin layering of oil paint, goes beyond the physical and real to evoke a sense of somewhere ‘other’.

Often through the omission of a clear structure and horizon line, she uses both suggestive and bold marks, combined with a varied palette to allude to the natural environment in attempt to capture and represent the energies and forms it possesses. Familiarities found within the paintings provide the viewer with a sense of stability and recognition with the world they are accustomed to, while the more abstract formations deliver a sense of escapism.

It is her aim that the work provokes questions of the metaphysical and hints at the sublime, challenging preconceptions of our existence within nature and addressing our inferiority and mortality in relation to it.

The paintings themselves are made in response to her own experiences and relationship with the natural environment and, painting impulsively, she lets this be the source that she works from and builds her compositions through methods of abstraction to create a final image that is free from formal structure and is open to interpretation.

Instagram: ____gee

Tony Wheeler

Monday, September 26th, 2016


Wheeler’s work is an amalgamation of the surrounding environment and surrealist tendencies. A compulsive drawer which serves as the backbone to his paintings, he weaves together a patchwork quilt of ideas centred around themes of love & madness and a sense of journey into the unknown.

Sara Hindhaugh

Monday, September 26th, 2016



Phil Hughes

Monday, September 26th, 2016

I am a Manchester / Cheshire based artist working mainly in oils and acrylic. I have a background as an architect in England and The Middle East and I have been a visiting design tutor at the Universities of Cardiff & Liverpool.

Faces and figures provide me with most of my material. The fascination of portraits, for me, is in the way that a tiny dab of pigment can completely change the expression or personality of the subject. Even the simplest portrait is rich in meaning and can instantly convey impressions of age, intelligence, background, mood tastes……. I try to capture some of that but it’s also good to have ambiguity: something unresolved.

There is a simple joy in vibrant colours and part of my enjoyment of painting is finding ways – sometimes excuses – to use them. Some artists plan their work in great detail but I like to get something down quickly and then work it and rework it: pushing the paint around until something clicks.

I hope you find something to enjoy in my paintings.



Niki Duffy

Monday, September 26th, 2016

I’m an oil painter, selling locally and internationally.

My work currently focuses on the quiet, the intimate and in-between moments.


Liss Dublin

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Liss Dublin studied Fine Art in France, in the cities of Metz and Strasbourg, and obtained her BA in 2011 at the University of Paris 1, Panthéon Sorbonne.

She initially worked in a printing museum which informed her early work.

The different papers, cardboards and printing techniques inspired her to use that type of media to express her ideas.

Although themes of Music and Nature are evident, the work often begins with a quote from an artist and then evolves from there, while the more personal work touches on loneliness, the lack of identity, and the insignificance of the human being.

She also enjoys Mail Art and photography.

Most of her work is for sale and she will also undertake commissions.


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