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Kally Bosh

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Kally Boshnakova is a young realist fine artist. Her work is an exploration of the people she meets and the world around her. Seeing realism as the best expression of truth, her practice is rooted in classical ideas and knowledge. The basis of her technical skills stems from the study of the Old Masters and artistic anatomy. Very much at the start of her career, you can follow her artistic journey on her website and social channels.



Facebook: Kally Bosh Art

Instagram: @kally.bosh


Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Erdy is a versatile multi medium artist ranging from traditional Art practices such as Painting and Sculpture to Digital practices such as Animation and Graphics.

His art is informed by movements and memory, embracing what is there in front of him and dissecting it to understand the hows, whys and why nots of what is. Language often does not do this nor imagery justice. Which is why he continues to cross medium boundaries to find, see, acknowledge, express and bring to others the world around him in a different light. The idea is to ponder and learn from others view. The gift of awareness through each of our subjective perceptions.

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Ian Morris

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Ian Morris is an Illustrator based in Manchester. His sophisticated use of line, brings charm and life to his work. He is often never without a pen and paper, ready to express his endless imagination of engaging characters who all have stories to tell. Ian also has a great admiration for printing methods working with screen printing and etching techniques. Ian has worked with clients such as the Class of ’92, The Manchester Science Festival and the Lake’s International Comic Arts Festival. Ian has also recently been selected by the Association of Illustrators for the Top 15 Illustration Graduates 2017, which will feature in Varoom Magazine Issue 36.


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Stefanie Elrick / Fetterman

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Stefanie has her fingers in many pies. She’s a published author, dancer and performer who toured the world in her 20’s with the likes of Hawkwind, The Levellers, Peaches Christ and The Age of Glass and also happens to have an Alternative Wedding planning company. Stefanie has been the in-house wedding planner for Hope Mill’s neighboring theatre and event space Hope Mill Theatre since Christmas 2015.

She is also a fully accredited celebrant through the BHA and can perform humanist wedding ceremonies.

Depending on what day of the week it is you will find her donning a different cap. Here are just some of the websites she’s created and maintains : // // //  // 

Georgia Noble

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Georgia Noble is an internationally selling Fine Artist living and working in Manchester. She attended The Manchester School of Art and graduated in 2015, specialising in oil painting.

Since graduating, she has shown work in The Curwen Gallery’s ‘Northern Graduates’ exhibition in London and was selected by Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory at Saatchi Art to appear in their 2016 ‘Invest In Art’ initiative.

In Georgia’s practice she aims to transcend the conventions of traditional landscape painting in order to present the viewer with a sense of space that, through both expressive mark making and the thin layering of oil paint, goes beyond the physical and real to evoke a sense of somewhere ‘other’.

Often through the omission of a clear structure and horizon line, she uses both suggestive and bold marks, combined with a varied palette to allude to the natural environment in attempt to capture and represent the energies and forms it possesses. Familiarities found within the paintings provide the viewer with a sense of stability and recognition with the world they are accustomed to, while the more abstract formations deliver a sense of escapism.

It is her aim that the work provokes questions of the metaphysical and hints at the sublime, challenging preconceptions of our existence within nature and addressing our inferiority and mortality in relation to it.

The paintings themselves are made in response to her own experiences and relationship with the natural environment and, painting impulsively, she lets this be the source that she works from and builds her compositions through methods of abstraction to create a final image that is free from formal structure and is open to interpretation.

Instagram: ____gee

Steve Haywood

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Steve has over 20 years photographic experience, he is University of the Arts London (UAL) Fashion Photography trained, and recently turned professional.  Main interests are shooting portraits, fashion and fine art.

For several years he has been applying this experience to photograph models, using both natural and studio lighting.  He has undertaken commercial fashion work for organisations such as ASOS and SassyMe, he is an official photographer for Lissa mjy Couture; with whom he has shot at Paris Fashion Week 2015.  Steve has  created photographs for models, agencies, actors and musicians portfolios.  He has also been internationally published and won a number of awards.

He has a passion for creative and beauty work, and enjoys working with other creatives, such as designers, muas and stylists to create memorable images.  He also has a passion for training others, and has run a number of photography and Photoshop workshops and one to one training sessions.

Conscious Generation Connection

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Collective knowledge has the power to improve things, bringing that knowledge to the mass market will lead to change

                                                    Conscious Generation Collection

The Conscious Generation Connection promotes the change towards a new mindset, one that represents people who want “considered creativity” with a reflective approach through our design concepts, sourcing and the manufacturing of all our fashion garments. Originating from a worthy system that allows us to maximize the benefits to people, their communities and the planet whilst minimizing the impact on our environment.

Sustainable Fashion Workshops

We design and deliver short courses / workshops based around fashion sustainability for corporate companies, educational institutions and community projects. We encourage ideas and knowledge to be shared, instilling self-reliance, which enables participants to go forward with this new approach and awareness towards the fashion process.

Our desire to work within a fashion context comes from our intent to promote the recycling of fashion products. Through this, we deliver bespoke fashion workshops that encourage and empower people to create garments for themselves by re-thinking the infinite number of possibilities that can be produced using existing garments or perused fabrics.

Deborah Smailes, Creative Director



Monday, October 31st, 2016

Knitting naughty and nice, AnotherKnittedThing is an interior accessories knitted…thing… which aims to make that twee craft into something a little more unusual. Based in Manchester, she designs and knits by hand manipulated machine in her studio, whilst teaching students the art on her days away.

Selling online and soon in small local shops, AnotherKnittedThings sells accessories, soft furnishings and patterns for grown ups to decorate those sofas which are in need of a sprucing, or extremities in need of warming.

Manchester Stained Glass

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Manchester Stained Glass has been teaching and delivering creative stained glass courses, workshops and community projects to individuals, organisations, schools and community groups since 1988.

Run by Sharon Campbell, a visual artist with a wealth of experience working with children, adults, groups and organisations, giving all a beneficial, fun and rewarding experience within creativity and the arts.

Courses and workshops:

  • Nine week evening and daytime Stained Glass courses suitable for beginners and those with previous experience. 
  • Stained Glass Weekend workshops for beginners.
  • One day Introduction to Copper Foiling workshops.

For bespoke projects please contact Sharon direct through:

Twitter:  @GlassCourses

Steve Balance

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Studio 210 –

Steve Balance – Code Is Art

I’m a Freelance Programmer/Web Developer who has been working with the internet & programming since 1998 (a long time!).

After leaving school, I trained in Psychiatric Nursing which I did for 8 long years, until I decided in 1998 I needed a change of career. I studied for a Beng in Multimedia Systems(hons) at Napier University, Edinburgh where my Thesis was on Web based Virtual Environments. Worked for the Graphics & Multimedia Resource Centre at The University of Edinburgh as well as for the Edinburgh Virtual Environment Centre (EDVEC) where I did 3D programming for a haptics based interface in collaboration with Edinburgh College of Art. I then went on to do a funded Msc in Interactive Multimedia at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh then a Phd in Mobile Agents.

My main work comes from long term relationships with various digital agencies in Manchester, Scotland & the Netherlands, although my work has taken me to working on projects in such far flung places as Marrakech, Morocco for a 6 month stint!

I also do oodles of web sites for individual clients on a freelance basis, mainly for independent businesses and start-ups.

I specialise in mainly Back-end programming using PHP, Ruby and Python. I do Front-end development for CMS systems such as the WordPress and Magento platforms and bespoke Theme development and custom plugins, where off the shelf solutions can’t be easily found.

Certified PHP developer with skills in MySQL, Perl, Apache, Linux, .NET / C#, Cocoa,Coldfusion.

WordPress intallation, theme modification, troubleshooting and development

Concrete5, CMSMS, Joomla, OS-Commerce, OSCMax, ZenCart.

Qualified Software Engineer with 14 years experience in MVC, Database optimization, server clustering, Virtualization and AWS EC2, S3 support, KVM, ESXi

I also do Salesforce integrations. My favorite environment is PHP, Nginx/Apache, Postgres, Symphony2, Composer.

I’m also sometimes contracted to do Penetration Testing/Ethical Hacking for various financial and health organisations which is in reality, simply testing web applications for exploits and making recommendation to keep data secure.

I’m on of those people who luckily has an appreciation for the Visual side of things combined with the technical aspects of web programming. – under development.


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