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Felicity Meachem

Monday, October 15th, 2018

Felicity Meachem is a graduate of Fine Art Painting from The University of Brighton and is now based in Manchester. She has since won 1st runner up for The Graduate Art Prize 2018 with her painting ‘I’m Alright, Hiding Tonight’, and is the social media coordinator for Manifest 2019.

Burgeoning with an overload of pattern, her work explores whether the decorative has a place within contemporary Fine Art Painting. While pattern can still signify twee, kitsch, and the feminine, with the right use of decoration Meachem believes that in painting it can be evocative, multivalent, and empowering. Images sourced or appropriated from different cultures also define the subject matter her work. Such as Parisian tile patterns, Japanese Kimono and African Dutch wax prints. This is in order to create an idealist dreamscape where all cultures can live in harmony. She is aware that by contrasting different cultural iconographies, from western to non-western patterning, can be quite contentious – especially with its relation to ‘Orientalism’. However, she wishes to investigate the complex internationalism of pattern work, which she strongly believes is a cultural fabric that overlaps.

While we are currently experiencing such a huge tension in our current political climate, she wants to demonstrate that whatever the difference in our culture or physical appearances, there is more that unites than divides us.

Instagram: @felicitymeachempainting


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