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Kally Bosh

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Kally Boshnakova is a young realist fine artist. Her work is an exploration of the people she meets and the world around her. Seeing realism as the best expression of truth, her practice is rooted in classical ideas and knowledge. The basis of her technical skills stems from the study of the Old Masters and artistic anatomy. Very much at the start of her career, you can follow her artistic journey on her website and social channels.



Facebook: Kally Bosh Art

Instagram: @kally.bosh


Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Work takes me all over the world, but my AWOL studio will always be my haven in the centre of Manchester.

I use the studio to develop new ideas and make a creative mess.

My job title varies, depending on what I’ve been commissioned.

I upload projects to my online portfolio, and other social media platforms so please follow me to keep up to date.

In June 2017 I completed a residency in Poland, researching how my practice benefits children with Autism.

I’m currently on a sabbatical, to re-engage with my artistic practice.

I work in partnership with the Royal Academy of Art, Tate galleries, Łaznia CSW, Gdansk, Poland and Manchester Art Gallery.


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